Glenn Richardson was born January 12, 1960 at Tanner Hospital in Carrollton, Georgia to parents Farris Richardson of Douglas County and Myrtie Broome Richardson of Sandhill--Carroll County. He grew up in Douglas County on the road named after his family who has lived there for over 100 years—Richardson Road in the community called Winston with a Villa Rica mailing address. He began working at a very early age at the country store called Fairmart, owned by his parents for nearly 40 years in Winston.

In 1976, at the age of 16, Glenn started his first job outside his family by delivering newspapers for the Atlanta Journal after school. Later that same year, he began working at the Food Giant grocery store in Douglasville where he remained through 1984. He graduated from Douglas County High School in 1978 and immediately began college at Georgia State University in Atlanta.

In 1981, after only three years, Richardson earned his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He took one year off following college to decide where he should attend law school and determine how he might pay for it. In that period, Georgia State University opened a new law school and Glenn was admitted to it in August of 1982. Glenn was in the first class to enter the new law school and one of only seven to graduate in the first graduating class in December of 1984 from the Georgia State University College of Law. He passed the Georgia Bar Exam the same year while continuing to work and attend school.

In March of1985, Richardson joined the firm of Vinson & Osborne in Dallas, Georgia. He became a partner at that law firm two years later. The firm is now known as Talley, Richardson & Cable, where he continues to practice at the present time. In 1989, he was appointed to serve as County Attorney for Paulding County, Georgia and served in that position for 16 years.

In 1996, Richardson became the first Republican from Paulding County elected to the Georgia House of Representatives since the Civil War in a contested primary and General election. He was reelected to that position for seven consecutive elections through 2008. In 2002, Governor Sonny Perdue hand-picked Richardson to serve as the Administration Floor Leader in the House. In November 2003, the Republican Caucus voted and chose Richardson to serve as Minority Leader.

At the time of commencing his service as Republican Leader, the House Republicans numbered only 71 of the 180 total members. During the 2004 election year, Glenn engineered and directed the elections of a multitude of Republican candidates for the Georgia House covering the entire State. As a result of his role in this process, on election day in November of 2004, the Republicans grew their numbers to 96 thereby placing them in the majority for the first time since the Civil War. Due to his efforts to secure the Republican majority in the House for the first time since Reconstruction, in 2005 he was chosen by his colleagues to serve as the first Republican Speaker of the House in over 130 years.

During his term as a legislator and Speaker, he was named “Legislator of the Year” by several organizations to include The Republican Party of Georgia in 2003, the Georgia Retail Association in 2005 and the Georgia Chamber of Commerce in 2009. He was the recipient of numerous awards including: the 2003 American Cancer Society Capitol Dome Award; the March of Dimes recognized him in 2003 "for providing extraordinary leadership in passing legislation to reduce the number of premature births in Georgia”; Insider Advantage's James Magazine named him the 2005 "Georgian of the Year"; the prestigious 2005 Wayne Shackelford Excellence In Government Award from the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia; and, the 2005 James A. Kauffman Award for distinguished public service by the Medical Association of Georgia.

In 2007, Richardson became chairman of the Southern Legislative Conference (SLC) a group of sixteen southeastern states. As chairman of the SLC, he worked with other southern states to foster greater intergovernmental cooperation and communication to address regional issues. The same year, he served as Chair of the Republican Legislative Campaign Committee (RLCC) to assist in electing Republican majorities in other State legislatures. In 2009, he was selected to serve as President of the National Speaker’s Conference an entity which serves all of the 50 Speakers of the House of each state. Richardson was re-elected Speaker of the Georgia House again in 2007 and unanimously 2009. He resigned as Speaker as of January 1, 2010.

During his service in the Georgia House, Glenn affected a wide variety of legislative issues in his quest to have less government in the lives of citizens, less tax burden on our citizens, and promoting stronger families. He led the effort at Civil justice reform, he helped to pass the “Woman’s right to know” bill and he championed the first photo identification bill in the state. In 2007, he attempted to completely reform Georgia’s antiquated tax structure by proposing that all property taxes be repealed and eliminated in favor of a consumption based sales tax consistent with the proposed federal “fair tax”. He stated then, “the best tax system is one that places a small tax burden on all citizens rather than a large tax burden on only a small portion of citizens.”

Glenn has three children: Bryn, the oldest is a 2007 graduate of the University of Georgia and resides with his wife in Gwinnett County. Will is a sophomore at the University of Georgia where he is planning to study business and accounting. And Maggie, the youngest and only girl, still lives at home with Glenn and is a high school senior at a private Christian school in Cobb County. His father, Farris, died of cancer on February 1, 2011 but his mother Myrtie is still a resident of the Richardson home in Villa Rica. He has three sisters: Hope Redwine who is a resident of Cobb County; Anita Stone a resident of Winston; and Sandy Overton, a resident of Villa Rica.

Glenn was raised Baptist and was a member of Ephesus Baptist Church in Winston for the first 26 years of his life. He then became a member of the First United Methodist Church in Dallas GA. Currently, he attends and is a part of the congregation at Westside Church, a nondenominational church in Dallas GA. He has been active in his community for many years having formerly belonged to the Paulding County Rotary Club, the New Hope Athletic Association and served as a long time coach to youth sports in baseball and basketball.

Glenn Richardson